iso [i, saw] sharjah pt IV

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Sharjah At Night - Panorama + DRI
f11.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : did not fire
| Description |

Even though Sharjah is a big city, the buildings were not lit up as bright as Singapore or Hong Kong. I was lucky to have caught this at the end of the blue hour.

| Photographer said.. |

This is a 2 section panoramic photo, each with 4 photos for DRI so a total of 8 photos.

I originally planned this to be more than a 2 section pano, trying to put the whole lake in as the final product but with each section having 4 shots ranging between 4 to 30 seconds, by the time I did the second section, the sky had already darken leaving no signs of the blue tint.

Better luck next time..


Farish Razali said...

This looks like dalam cerita starship or babylon.. huhu.. hai OOF!! ^.^

Fly said...

salam ramadhan buat kamu sekeluarga :)

VM said...

It looks amazing bro...Salam ramadhan to u and the family.

Munira Kirana said...

susahnye nak dpt gmbar secantik ni =(
tak nak putus asa... nak cube jugak

Anonymous said...

im loving this. This is better than the previous one I guess; the colour, the mood, and the reflections! All nice. Well done. And kudos for pano-ing this, I know it's not easy, especially during this hour for DRI. Good timing :)

Out Of Focus said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words..

Munira, tak susahlah.. kene practice je.. Do u know about the blue hour? Its a few minutes after sunset. You bole tgk langit membiru. Timetu lah u ambik gambar, tapi pakai tripod k. Hehe!!

Dhani, Not so good timing bro.. kalo good I cud've gotten my full pano.. Hehehe!!

s167 & Dva said...

nice bro..full pano would've been awesome but the pic still turn out great ehe

burt said...

cantik bro...suka tul aku tgk gambar2 kau ni

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