iso [i, saw] sharjah pt III

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Reflections - DRI
f11.0 | focal length : 18mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : did not fire
| Description |

I walked away from the mosque after I thought I couldn't find a nice angle to it but after 5 minutes I turned around and saw this.

Notice my focal length? I was a little too far already and I didn't want to back to it so I thought I might as well try out the zoom on my wide lens. Hahaha!! 18mm was all I got.

| Photographer said.. |

3 photos with different shutter speeds for the DRI. There were a few of you wondering what DRI is and why I use more than one photo so here are the 3 photos I took. Take a closer look at the mosque..

Using DRI technique, I can reduce the brightness of the mosque but retain the lightness of the sky and foreground, mainly the grass and walkway. Takes a bit of time to do it but its much nicer than if I just upload the first photo, don't you think?


Cybercanon said...

basically it's more or less like HDR uh bro...combining 3 photos...but how about the aperture and iso?

Maman said...

Oh yes, agree with you man.. but a little bit of time?... Hehehe I think it will be a far more than a little of time for the rest of us. hehehe..

This one is great, love it... Another Jaw dropping work from you man.

Out Of Focus said...

CC, Something like HDR tapi when combining them in CS3 its got to do with layer masking, no HDR program.

ISO I always use 100 supaya tarang lah.. then the aperture I set to what ever suit 30 sec exposure. Jadi I set ISO100, 30 sec then baru ku check wat aperture is best for that. Y 30 secs? I find the photo clearer with slower speed n that's the slowest without using a remote cord.

Maman..Awal awal memanglah.. but with a bit of practice, its nothing man!! For example, how long does it take for u to do a verto now then when u first started? Hehehe!!

Anonymous said...

Great shot bro, thanks for the info, great explanation. This DRI is really interesting, I'm writing down the extra notes hehe!

Cybercanon said...

i see...thanks for the usefull tips bro...insyallah bulan puasa ani kan mencuba hehehe...

s167 & Dva said...

thanks for the info on about DRI bro..will surely try it out..

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