iso [i, saw] a photographer

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Always Looking - DRI + Vertorama
f7.1 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : did not fire
| Description |

Although I haven't been shooting as regularly as I use to, I'm always in the look out.

My trip to Auckland has been a waste. I had more than 3 days there but the weather was a little on the dark side. I can say that I only had one good sunset and no sunrise. 3 attempts to catch the sunrise, all spoilt by the rain.

It's really weird when you look at this photo with the clear blue skies. That only lasted til an hour after sunset. iRis would know that it is not uncommon to find all four seasons of the year in one whole day..


PuppetPicasso said...

assalam bro.. nice pics as always.. but there's something not right in this photo.. i'd check your previous pics again and again for comparisons.. hmm.. not sure what.

mayb its too tight? or is it better if its panoramic? maybe its just me?..

sorry for the comment bro.. maaf zahir batin..

Out Of Focus said...

Maybe it is you.. Hehe!! Well one thing I'm not happy with is the lighting around the sunset area, that's about it.

Why should you be sorry? U have a right to ur own opinion. I am open to criticism, though I would like to have a more specific critic.. Hehe!!

Thanks man.

PainQler said...

Nicely captured..
Sunsets my Favourite...

Wow, the sun looks enormously huge.
I've spot to photographers here.
Was it the same person?
coz his outfit looks identical.

U've applied the same technique to your previous post a couple of mths ago..

Well done.

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