iso [i, saw] a work in progress

Customized by Out Of Focus | Title - The Way It Should Be
iPhone 2g | 4gig| Description |

Another rainy day in Melbourne. Its the time of the year around here when you don't expect to get much sunshine... so I guess its a good time to maximize the creativity elsewhere.

I had a lot of ideas to put on my iPhone, so much that it came to this, from dark black to clean white. I decided that this was going to be on my wife's iPhone instead and started work on this instead.

I had the icons for the applications done, and the wallpaper off of my own photo. The 2 blue 'V's on the top left will be the signal and wifi bar, battery indicator customized too. Hmmm... no carrier name..? I found a program to clear that as well as the time which would have been on the top center.

Bottom left will be an application called stacks. It will be where the other programs (not fit in the main page) will be placed. I'll try to put a screen shot of it when it's completed.

Again, this is a work in progress. Once I have it on the phone, I'll post a screen shot of it.


Fly said...

caanggihnya phone.. semoga satu hari nanti dapat gak guna phone cam bro ni :)

Out Of Focus said...

Hehe!! We can do it right here.. Nothing really fancy here. All that's needed is some icons (I know u know where to find them) or make'em urself like I did on this one.. same with the wallpaper.

The only other thing is iBlank from Cydia. Oh and of course some creativity. Hehehe!!

Any questions? Ask here. If anyone who has an iPhone did some mod of their own, please lemme know..

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