iso [i, saw] melbourne yet again pt III

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Light The Way - HDR
f9.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : did not fire| Description |

All this time I've been here, I never realized that the sun would set just around the corner of my hotel.

5 photo HDR.


VM said...

aww im missing australia!this is different.ur in d middle of the road.hehe.baik org sana nda beliatan?n aku heran most of the pic on melbourne,der is no one on the streets. mcm nda ramai, i remember mun kn nunggu streets kosong mlm hari

Out Of Focus said...

VM.. sabar sikit lah brader!! Aku actually ready time subuh.. kan magrib baru kosong sikit.. Hehe!!!

akulensa.. ala bro, buat aku malu je..

burt.. D300 dah model lama bro, try D300s ataupun terus ambik D700!! Keke!!!

PainQler said...

Great pics taken.
You've maintain your consistency..
Never get bored viewing your pics.

Luckily there's no car that ran you over..
What were you thinking..

P/s:Rugged bro, mcm sinar otramen memancar direct rah mu aah...

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