iso [i, saw] a prayer

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Hare Krishna
f4.5 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 500 | shutter speed : 1/30th of a sec | flash : did not fire
| Description |

Went to a temple in Melbourne.. Wanted to see if there were some nice Indian girls around... Hehe!!!


PainQler said...

Temple of the king?
So did you find one?

Is that the same person from ypur previous street photo?
Was it your friend?
Are you related to him?

What happen actually in that picture?
All i see, a man looking at something..
Trying to visualise what he's up too..

or it's a continuation of the peeping tom episod.

Nice one!

Out Of Focus said...

Oh MAN!!! okay, here goes PQ..

1. No
2. Again, no.
3. I don't think so.
4. Not before I introduce myself.
5. Only related in the species kind ie human.
6. What happened was I lifted my camera when the music began. He was chanting 'Hare Krishna' and everyone started dancing. The purpose was that even when u're enjoying urself, u are doing it for the gods. My eyes darken, my world spun. O was not suppose to be there but I was anyway. Only when a beautiful young Indian girl looked at me and smiled was wen I realized that it was worth the 2 hrs spent there. Hehe!!!
7. If u're refering the peeping Tom as me then yes, otherwise, no.

Burt!! This in Melbourne baby..

VM said...

hAhahahaha...two freaking hrs dude?seriously? did u dance with them

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