iso [i, saw] a beggar

Photo by Dirty Sensor | Title - A Beggar
f5.6 | focal length : 105mm | ISO 800 | shutter speed : 1/25sec | flash : not fired

| Description |

I shot this in Geylang where this old man sit infront of the escalator. Anyway, I'm still learing to shoot great photo just like my brother (kambang tia..) hehe!


wanzie said...

bowh..sian jua bro..kaki nya nada stampik..dmana kn geylang ani??

Out Of Focus said...

Bro yg mana satu kan bro tanya? Bro satu kakikah bro dua kaki?

VM said...

hahahaha...antam dimana mana...janji nyaman bro hahaha

PainQler said...

Pityfull sight~
But a great photo!

Capturing this, knowing there's still ppl suffering & needing help.

I'm hoping that, by this posted pics you've captured, perhaps the families concern or anybody knowing this person assist him, giving him a more better living.


PainQler said...

Bro ia pakai kaki kayu kh or andang disimpan nya di blkg?

Out Of Focus said...

Oh man!!! Now u're making us feel crap with the comments we made. Hehe!!

overXposed said...

hahaha c PainQler ah 1st comment nya macam orang berakal usulnya..hahahah...then 2nd comment nya the true color of PainQler..heee...bukannya banar c banar ani...LOLs!!!!!!

DirTy seNsoR said...

Captain hook jua ni.. Astarafirullah.. Okok, no more picture like this anymore..! ;p

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