iso [i, saw] the pool

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Cooling Pool - DRI
f7.1 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 160 | shutter speed : various | flash : did not fire
| Description |

I wish I could take shots of the blue hour at any time of the day..

We (oXp, DirTy seNsoR and I) came here around 5pm. We were all relaxed and cool and was planning for the blue hour, but when it came, everything went chaos. No one was talking to anyone anymore.. All went about they're our way, trying to capture and many image as we can.

I only got 2 good shots.. How many did you guys get?


wanzie said...

cantik bro...only 2 yg good kh?? nda kan??? prasan ku labih dua dah yg lawa ani.. hehehe

nda join Low light competition bro??

natau dapat EOS 7D..nda guna jual ler..hehehe

PainQler said...

One of the great photos frm you..

By the pool-side..
Emm.. How wonderful it would be, if there's gurls on bikini top swimming during this time..

Out Of Focus said...

There were girls.. but they were too excited to see me with my camera that they wouldn't stand still for 30 seconds!!!

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