iso [i, saw] the empire

Photo by overXposed Title - Pointy - DRI
f/16 | focal length : 10mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various| Photographer said... |

At this point, i actually was talking to myself. I was left alone. OOF and DirTy SeNsor were nowhere to be found. I have to stay guard. Guess what.. they were actually taking a few shots at the pool {see post below} without me... me... me.. but.. but .. but.. why?? Daymn!!!


VM said...

dude...this is awesome...its just awesome! iatah ngenya dpt ku ckp..nda ku tecakap apa lagi lol.
durang sibuk2 with the pool, but at least uve got a good one here

Out Of Focus said...

You only said that cos he found ur wallet... Hehe!!! Nda bah. It is awesome. Hehe!! Banar!! Hehe!!

wanzie said...

au~~ awusuumm bnar ni..hehehe..cantik2..

VM said...

hahahha...awu eh. pasal wallet ta ku ckp cematu...heheh

astaghafirullahalazim,jgn cematu eh. bnr bnr lawa ni oXp.

overXposed said...

Thanks guys..n VM, u still owe me a Prada n wats inside it...

PainQler said...

Pointy Power..
Nice clear picture..

Leaving you behind for this, & you managed just great..

Than you'd be better off alone~
So you can take your time getting it right..

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