iso [i, saw] the clouds

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - The Big 'S' Cloud - Vertorama
f2.8 | focal length : 3.85mm | ISO 70 | shutter speed : 1/3000sec | flash : not fired
| Description |

I wasn't happy when I saw what was on my weather radar screen.. 'Damn!!' I said.. 'There's a big ass cloud over Singapore!!' But what I saw next was mind boggling.. A smile appeared on my face, as well as a soft snicker creep out of my half closed mouth.

A cloud shaped like the letter 'S' was something I have never encountered before. Isn't it ironic when I said there's a big ass cloud waiting for my arrival..

| Photographer said.. |

Here's another one I took when my camera wasn't handy.. Don't ask me about the settings.. I just write it as I see it. This is iPhone camera setting I guess.. Heh heh..


wanzie said...

ISO 70 a...ato tu eh iphone..hehehe..

awan S for Singapore or Syazwan..hehe..

dnuur said...

lawa jua... mbari dangki cemani ane eh... hehe... btw 2 thumbs up!!!

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