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Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Brothers In Arms
f2.8 | focal length : 78mm | ISO 78 | shutter speed : 1/60sec | flash : not fired| Description |

I wasn't ready for this..

When I was back in Brunei, I had picked up my (adopted) brother, Khair, from school. My son was with me that day. A few days before, school hasn't started yet so they spent most of their time playing together. On that day, my son seemed like he was missing someone...

The moment Khair stepped in the car, Ryan smiled and jumped to the back seat. This was what happened next.. He hugged him like he was gone for a few days.

I didn't have my camera with me so this was taken with my trusted iPhone 3G. I then carefully massaged the photo in Photoshop and I'm generally happy with the outcome.

Here's the original shot..


ViewFinder said...

Look at Azryan's eyes....Full of emotions! This shot is expressive, regardless of with what you are taking it with. You caught the moment man!

iRis said...

U da man... impressed with the outcome of the after edit picture. (Lapas edit it is no more a photo.. hahaha) What did u do to it.. ajar ajar ajar.

Out Of Focus said...

Thanks guys.. Glad to hear from you guys here.

iRis. Kalo bulih ku ajar, ku ajar but most of the time its trial and error. The main concept of it was to darken the dark areas and lighten the lighted areas (used brightness and contrast) hence making full use of the natural lighting.

The other thing was to get the color tone that I wanted which was brown-ish.

Not bad huh? Buang karan saja bali camera mahal mahal.. Hahaha!!!

wanzie said...

bro, sifu, sensei and cikgu..i need more tutorial how to do this...

Vasudha said...


Very nice pic. I love they way they ahve their arms protectively around each other. I was looking at your the old man's picture too. the invisible weight shows but I wish you had got the eyes.

And we read your description too!

Out Of Focus said...

Wanzie. I know you'd like to get your hands on this but unfortunately like I said before, its a trial an error thing. I can make tutorials on modifying photos but enhancements like HDRs payah sikit for me to explain. So sorry my friend..

Vasudha. Thank you. This was one of my first few photos. Those times I was just getting use to how to frame my subject. Plus D50 baaaad on low ISO.. Hehe!!

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