iso [i, saw] day eighteen

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - The Way Home
f11.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/25sec & 1/50sec | flash : not fired| Description |

The final photo from this trip..

We were just about to take off out of Sharjah Airport, a state close to Dubai, when The sun began to emerge at the horizon. "Hold on!!" I yelled and quickly took my camera out of my bag. "You're cleared for take off, NOW!!" I heard on the radio but what is he going to do? Come down from the tower and kick the lights out of me? Heh heh...

Who the MAN?!!!

| Photographer said.. |

I know I said that I won't be posting as frequently, but I've already lined up 2 more photos for the next (yup, you guessed it) 2 days.

I also forgot to mention that due to a delay somewhere along the way in this trip, the whole trip got extended to 18 days.. So here it is guys... Day eighteen. It's been fun!!


DaniXP said...

now this is 10/10.. compose ok, framing ok.. ada lines.. horizon perfect... hehehe.. thats just my 2 cents...

VM said...

hahaha...ada ada saja, kena suruh take off...megambar ia dulu.

baik jua nada kapal lain behind u or kan landing ?

The actual thing that caught my eyes is the long stretch goes into that blue horizon.Cool stuff man.

wanzie said...

shutter speed 1/25 and 1/50, pakai tripod kh? lau kai tripod atu steady, kna suruh take off udah smpat lgi nyusun angle tu...

how u took this picture? behind the mirror? or atas opiz?

love the blue sky n sunset bro~~

btw, goodluck for ur exam bro..kalau pass bgi tia aku lens a..hahaha (atu yg mahal tu)

s167 & Dva said...

nice bro..would've been hilarious if the guy from the radio came down from the tower hehe..

about the picture bro..simply marvelous, loving the color of the sky and also the moment of the sun emerging..think i should start going for another sunset outing hehe..

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