iso [i, saw] another tour

Photo by Dark Flashy | Title - My Livingroom - 360 VR
| settings : do you really wanna know the settings when you looking at the room? |

| OOF!! said.. |

There's a few flaws in the photo. The stitching is not perfect. Don't blame me.. blame the photographer for making it difficult.. Hehe!!!

That white chair is my favourite in this room.


Dark Flashy said...

flaws!!.. andangnya first try.. well done OOF. u r d best

the white chair.. yeah, disanalah terbaringnya aku kalau ku malas sambil tonton TV.

Cybercanon said...

its really amazing to see you easily try new things bro...hehe eh btw is that a real cat lying on the pillow? :S

KantaLensa said...

gila, paning ku slajur after a few round of the tour. is just shows how realistic and good the stitching is. well done bro.

[ PhotoCreator ] said...

well well & very well done OOF!!!! ;D bangangku masih mikir cana u buat ani ah..? hahaha yes dats right OOF is tha best!!! mana ka skolah nya ia beguru.. ahhahaha

wanzie said...

bisai rumah nya..
aku suka jam gntung nya a..

sFr3e said...

Salam bro....nice2....saw the same tour @ 'wanzie'. Liked it...liked it....liked it!!!!

Faiz Zaki said...

360 angle tu cun giler. just give me an idea for my next blog entry

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