iso [i, saw] a car

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Vrooooom!!! - HDR
f22.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired
| Description |


A crowd of people were taking photos of this car. As soon as they left, I set up my tripod and took a few of my own for an HDR. Just as I was on the last shot, a security guard came over and told me that I couldn't take any photos.

I said that there were many people taking photos before me and asked why he didn't stop them. "This is a professional camera" he grumbled. "I'm a professional photographer!" I grunted back. Our eyes locked, there was silence.. and then suddenly I heard a click! It was my camera... my last shot, a 5 second shutter speed was complete.

There was no sense getting into an argument I cannot win, so I packed my gear, spit on the floor he was standing on and left without looking back.

Okay... so maybe I didn't spit... but I should have.


VM said...

hehehe..andangnya, arab belabih.mana mau kalah tu...durang slalu yg nada nada bah kan durang tagur ah.but great

cabut ia bulu idung nya geng

wanzie said...

haha..lau aku, yatah ku nda suka tu kna tagur a..

paidah diShow mun nda dapat digambar..simpan tia balik ja smpai behabuk..hahaha

azri said...

its a bitch rite? aku balik-balik sudah kana 2.. even outside pun aku kana.. its a pain.. but i cant complain, young and an unexperience teenager&'photographer'.

but ur image is still amazing.. "orange~"
i think it was worth going through all the trouble,kan?

Out Of Focus said...

VM, kalo kan cabut bulu idungnya, tepaksa cabut misainya dulu to get thru the idung.. Hehe!!!

Wan, banar tu!!

Azri, yatah inda bulih tu takut kana tagur, If u feel u atu inexperience, tell me how to gain experience if u nda mau menggambar cos takut kana tagur? Berani kerana benar!!! Hehe!!

iRis, like what I said.. Dubai.. Hehe!! Is that wat u wanna know?

iRis said...

No. I wanna know where in Dubai? I've been looking for my car. Now I found it. So, I want to know where they have been hiding it. Now, I am heading there so I want to take it back home.

Out Of Focus said...

Hehe!!! Keritamutu rupanya!! Padantah it's got iRis written all over it. Haha!! It's in Dubai Mall, right next to the Burj Khaliffa. I got lost in that mall dude. It's freakin BIG!!!

iRis said...

Ok, aku ke sana this coming Tuesday. Will go ther and claim it. Atu pun kalau the mall buka ( the big aquarium cracked baru baru ani). Haha. I got lost too with my wife there. Didnt know which way out.

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