iso [i, saw] the city

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - 94 Stories High - Vertorama
f7.1 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/125sec | flash : not fired
| Description |

Remember my photo on The John Hancock Center with the sign that says 'Falling Ice'? Well there's an observatory deck up on the 94th floor. It had the fastest elevator in America taking me 40 seconds to get up there.

I had planned to go up here this trip during the blue hour but since I forgot to bring my tripod, I see no reason to up there during that time.

Can you see a shadow of a building at the bottom part of the photo? That's The John Hancock Center.


Maman said...

ahhh what a view.. the sky was clear! you can see all the way up to the horizon.

Much disappointment when I was at the KL Tower Observation Deck last week, the weather was hazy!
Anyway (nyaman kan hati..) I just shoot whatever the lens can captured.

wanzie said...

Huwaaaa~~ another view form high building..


nmpak ikan e..

Anonymous said...

this is so coool dude!!!! love the composition!!!! ciuk ler banyak travel2!!! good for ur portfolio :) cast shadow is not a problem here..the sky is superb!

Azri Ahmad said...

OMG! 40 sec? damn that is one super fast elevator. it takes me 30 sec just to get to my floor(6th floor).. public bulih naik skati2 kah? i would love to go there and that view.. amazing!!! bring me next time!! haha joke2.. i love the horizon! endless!

i think, if u get half land and half sea.. it would have a balanced between land..

this is what i think.. but u can ignore this.. urs still does look amazing!! great work!!!

VM said...

Rio..hehe bahaya tu eh sawan oleh nya.

Another amazing view. I gave it a thought at azri's comment..maybe there would be a balance if its half land n half sea. but i also understand probably u are trying to get the buildings shadow or perhaps that long stretched road. Did u sharpen this pic dude ?

All n all this is a breath taking view bro

Out Of Focus said...

Thank you for the comments.

Maman. Yatah membari sedih tu when you come from very far to ambil gambar but the day inda mengizinkan. Its so disappointing, I know..

Azri, VM. I tried to do that pulang but it wasn't as nice as this so I went with this one. Plus, I take my shots with the lens fully flushed (when I can) on the glass to prevent reflections.. and there were lots of reflections on that shot.

Rio. No guts, no glory. No rush, no story. and MAN!! What a rrrrrrRRRush this was!! (for info, rush sini means thrill ah, bukan gagas.. Hehe!!)

Cybercanon said...

nice clouds with the coastal view... must be an amazing feeling to see it from your eyes other than from the camera =D

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