iso [i, saw] a hunter

Photo by overXposed Title - Zesk
f/5.6 | focal length : 115mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 2.0s
| Description |

From Bionicle's Glatorian Agori series. Product from Lego. Zesk is little more than a beast. Relying on his four eyes to watch for danger and a scorpion-like tail for defense, he lurks beneath the sand and attacks any who pass through his earth tribe's territory!

| Photographer said... |

We can never be too old for toys. OOF with his collections of busts and other statue like creatures. I am more to assembling or that have to be assembled and painted. You can see my previous projects on Gundam here. Bionicle is easy, it doesnot require gluing and puttying the joints and it doesnot require airbrushing to hide the joints. And the box says, for ages 6 and up!!


Faiz Zaki said...

dulu aku collect lego. tp banyak missing pieces, bila assemble balik tak cukup component.

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