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Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Mind Over Matter - Redux + Vertorama
focal length : 11mm | settings various | flash : not fired| Description |

Some of you might remember this photo first posted in August last year only this time its a vertorama.

I've been a little busy lately trying to set up an album of vertorama of Ryan and this was one of the photos that I really like. Unfortunately I didn't shoot a verto for this, so I decided to borrow a sky from another photo and stitch them together.

I guess sometimes its okay to do it..

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Sorry for the lack of new photos, it's snowing here in Anchorage and I don't want to get my camera wet..


VM said...

the sky is amazing...from what picture did u borrow them. the water andang green ?

and i wonder what was ryan thinking...
sorry ive been missing this few days..busy with work n stuff bro

wanzie said...

wah!! rugged stitching nya..nda ketara klu nda dbagitau..

How u do it?? tau plang ku..natau cara kita sanang lgi..hehe

Out Of Focus said...

Thanks guys..

VM. I just took it from one of my other photos taken at the same place. The waters are greenish.. some resorts have very clean waters, that's why they look green.

Wan. Nada cara sanang. Hehe!! Kalo adapun I dont wanna know. Makes me lazy. Haha!! I just made sure the two skies had the same color to make it a little easy.

PM said...

Impressive stitching work bro. Can't point the joint. Did you spent long hrs doing it hehe...

Out Of Focus said...

Not so much, PM. All I had to do is match the colors of the skies then everything went smooth after that..
Thanks man.

Maman said...

OOF! mcm ada island dpan ah.. Memang tah anakmu kan beranang kesana tu. btw the sun rays penetrate the clouds nice!

VM said...

org baru balik dari negeri seberang..mesti la baru nampak. lol
bnyk gmbar baru ni krg from si maman

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