iso [i, saw] myself wearing beats

Photo by Dirty Sensor | Title - Beats "Tour"
f5.6 | focal length : 95mm | ISO 200 | shutter speed : 1/30sec | flash : fired
| Description |

Hey guys, sorry didn't post some pictures for the past few months. First is because i don't have anyone to shoot with. Second, i've been learning about photoshop & photo editing ALONE. :p

After seeing OOF & OXP post their pictures on "Monster Beats" headphone, i decided to post mine. I know their "Beats" are more powerful than mine, and don't forget to mention their pictures are awesome to. I just can't find a nice view to shoot mine so i decided to include myself in the picture.


Out Of Focus said...

Hey man... Don't blame me kalo u do all this alone. Kamu yang inda mau outing without me.. Haha!! It's okay.. make me feel special. Woohoo!!

Hensyum eh. Ours (well maybe just mine) maybe powerful, but urs is the cutest of them all.. Hehe!!! So.. Does that mean you're gonna get beats 'spin' when it comes out?

Nice work on the editing. Good thinking on the color scheme.

DirTy seNsoR said...

Haha, thnx but I'm still learning on editing pictures.. Btw I cnt use the actions on frames.. Nda pandai..

And abt the 'spins', nda jdi Kali.. Nantith sdh bnyk $$$ hehe

wanzie said...

macam penah aku jmpa orang dimana ye?? hehehehe

Nice Processed bro.

VM said...

thinking abt spin too ? hahahah
Very nice black and white picture dude. n that red beats.damnn...

DirTy seNsoR said...

Wanzie: pernah jumpa? Haha.. Btw thnx, m still learning thou..

VM: yea tpi $$$ nda mencukupi.. Haha, btw thnx

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