iso [i, saw] a relection

Photo by overXposed Title - O for Oakley, O for Oil Rig
f/5.6 | focal length : 115mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 8.0s
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My first Oakley shades was like 13 years ago and i bought it with my hard earned cash. Then it got borrowed and never to be returned back, i mean it got stolen. Since then i never bought Oakley shades until last year. This is my 3rd Oakley shades and i know OOF has more than 5 Oakley shades and other brand as well. And now i am addicted to Oakley shades....bowh!!!


Azri Ahmad said...

kesian ehh.. yes urang brunei suka minjam(sorry mun terasa).. i am not a fan of shades or glasses.. but rugged..

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