iso [i, saw] a sign

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Friendly Warning
f10 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/160sec | flash : not fired| Description |

It's freezing in Anchorage.. minus 14 degrees to be exact. I doubt that I'll be going out for a photo shoot today so I dug this from my last flight.

Taken in Chicago. I converted it into black and white but left the sign in its original color.


wanzie said...

John hancock center? Hancock pelakon nya Will smith atu x..

Bukan Falling Ice x e..Caution Falling Hancock x..hehehe..

ok2, comment2, erm..Nice shot melangui..hehe

PM said...

Simple but creatively presented. Focus subject left in colour and equally matched with the title. Well done bro...

Azri Ahmad said...

i wish i could go to the states.. d mana Anchorage ani?

and when i read 'minus' a2 kan, bangang ku wah. i was like what the hell is a minus? "me-nus.." batah ku pikir and rupa2nya minus sign '-' or tolak.. haha

Syairazi said...

This is the best shot for street photography that I have ever seen by Bruneian! Great job! You're really good in street photography!

VM said...

angle wise..its right on the spot.
the original color of the sign makes it even more dramatic

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