iso [i, saw] the solo

Photo by overXposed Title - Outside The Box
f/5.6 | focal length : 78mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 5.0s

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Remember this? I smiled when i got this baby in my hand. My jaw dropped when i slid the box's outer cover, inside was a bright red hard box, then i said to myself, this is awesome. I went crazy when i opened the red box, there it was, lying on its side waiting to be handled. Then i plugged in the MONSTER cable and slowly slid the headphones on my ears....i..i......i....just went wild and uncontrollable!!!


VM said...

hahahaha...great story...jealous ku eh.

Out Of Focus said...

...shud've changed the cable... Hehe!! Awesome dude!!!

VM. Kirim? Hehe!!!

wanzie said...

how much the price??
klu nda mengizin kn krim salam tah jua tu pat dr.dre a..haha

Out Of Focus said...

Wan, due to the financial constraints we have (with our beloved wives), we are unable to reveal the price in this site, however you can find out more here. Note... all prices there are in US dollars..

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