iso [i, saw] the clouds

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Second Row Seating - Vertorama
f18.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/60sec & 1/250sec | flash : not fired
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Let's take a break from the ROL jungle series and put some oomph!! back with some sunset shots..

One thing about having one too many people in a group is that when you pick a view, there will always be someone in the way. I'm just too nice to block DF's view but he doesn't care about me.


sFr3e said...

Good sunset....walaupun ada DF dlm frame, i think it is also a good composition as pic ani udh cukup saying "What an opportunity not to miss!"

Thumbs Up OOF!!!

D mana kan nie? ehehehe

Out Of Focus said...

Thanks man. Ani d belakang Dark Flashy. Hehe!! Or to be more specific, Pantai Persimpanan Hutan Berakas (did I say that right?)

wanzie said...

correction..Pantai Hutan Simpan Berakas.. lebih kurang plang tu..

Nice Pic!!!!

overXposed said...

Its actually Pantai Berakas. The hutan simpan is just the forest bit n the stretch of sand is the pantai, thus both names cant share its awesomeness. I might b wrong, but will b possible the beach is also called Pantai Simpan Berakas?? Heee... Hint; jln k berakas kem is calles Jln Pantai Berakas, there u go guys.. A short lesson in geohistory n a useless info. Heee..

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