iso [i, saw] sunset

Photo by overXposed Title - Vanishing - HDR + Verto
f/7.1 | focal length : 10mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various| Description |

My first sunset shots for 2010.


wanzie said...

Congrualation for the 1st tym sunset shot in 2010. hehe

Nice!! i Like it..

Out Of Focus said...

Ok. Reason I asked was because some people tend to over do the sunset skies. Yours seem to be ok so I thought maybe it wasn't HDR.

Nice work buddy.

Maman said...

Cantek, sunset ah, the sky soft hdr sja kah? pasir atu andang cematu kah? atau kamu lusir2 sana sini dulu just to make the effect? but lawa worth it! hehehe.

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