iso [i, saw] another day

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Day 2 - Vertorama
f22 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired
| About the photo.. |

2 sets of 2 photos each set for the vertorama. Had to play around with different exposures to expose the docks, sea, the sun and the sky.


Maman said...

I miss the sunrise td, well almost everyday hehehe.. coz going to work i'm heading to Seria where the sun is set..
This morning by looking the sun in this pics, + the composition was superb bro... thought to myself.. hmmm.. how beautiful it was..

Will make an effort to shoot the sunrise on one of these days..

Dudsy65 said...

Bro... very nice, out of words dah ku ni.... Sharp and ...... (tulong ku siapa tau the next words for this)

Bro gua caya lu....

Out Of Focus said...

Thanks guys..

Dudsy, how about well exposed? Hehe.. that was what I was aiming to do.

Maman, I got 2 suggestion for u. How about working with sunset dulu and when u think u've done well, then u can start thinking about sunrise, jadi inda ngaleh bgn awal then suddenly after taking the photos u think its not good enough... or take photos of the sunset and title it sunrise and hope u little stars no one would notice. Hehehe!!!

PainQler said...

I'll help you Dudsy..
It's sharp & lusty..

So What is that thing which is sharp & lusty?
Hint: No it's not a Knife, not an object anykind whatsoever. Infact none of the abovementioned.

This pics;

I've notice this frm the other pics posted several days ago.

This is even better than the last one. Lots of subject to see..

But then it mislead my eyes going here & there..

Mislead? [Ya..]

I was trying to enjoyed this pics but i can't get my eyes off this leading lines of tyres, swaying my eyes towards the other end instead.

It runs my attention to the two guards seen menuang at work! What's Bro OOF trying to potray here. [hehe..]

Two guards seen at the right is seen relaxing but with no coffee, was looking towards bro OFF..
[As shown in this pics the guy, with his hands on his pants pocket. scratching maybe]..

They must be puzzled looking at what bro OOF doing this hour?
[The other guy.. standing near the rail..called out to his fren saying.. oii bro orang atu mengambar..cna ne? pyah tani escape ne..] hahah..

A boat is approaching..!!
And the pics stops there!!

Somehow this pics is funny coz it unfolds lots of tales to be told...Not like the previous one..

That's why i like this, rating it second from the previous one..
The sunrise from afar seen between the cleveage of the hills..!!


P/s: The Answer to the teka-teki is.. This pics.. hehe!!!

Out Of Focus said...

PQ, I'm so confused man.. U sed this is better the the last one, but then u rate it second..

Hehe.. u must be typing in ur sleep again bro.. Hehehe.

PainQler said...

Ya, i did..
Due to the nature of typing one eyes close..[Nope]
i misjudged..

I was right at one point..
Then as i was about to further my comments, i get confuse looking at the leading lines..

It make me change my mind into something i was about to type in the first thought of how splendid this pics was...


Like i've said, lots of tales to be unfold in this pics, that's why it's better than the previous one..
[Aaahah.. i got it right this time]..

P/s; Due to the mind not computing to what i've thought, i would like to apologize for the confusion in the previous comments..

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