iso [i, saw] the jumpers

Photo by overXposed Title - Jump!!
f/9.0 | focal length : 13mm | ISO 200 | shutter speed : 1/125s

| Description |

These three happy jumpers are my nieces and nephew. You can not really see who they are *duh!!!*.. hee...this photo has been heavily silhoutted using Lightroom 2.


Dhani said...

nice one, cool, like the background as well

PainQler said...

The jumpers!
They jump high & having Fun.

Loving this pics!
Your effort have impress me..

Seen pics of jumpers on the beach by others, but this one stand out best!!!

Upclose, three jumpers & i've couldn't managed this.

P/s: Bro, ku pikir ane ghost tdi..

overXposed said...

PQ:..ghost??..hee...majjal ko ni boy...luv every single words commented... ada ada aja u ani.....

OOF + Dhani: thanks dudes....

PainQler said...


Hantu Jemu Gendong...

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