iso [i, saw] the tree

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - The Lone Tree
f22 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired
| Description |

I went out for a quick one this evening to capture that lone tree at the sailing club that I've missed out on.

4 shots taken. HDR for the rocks and tree, single exposure for the sky tuned in Lightroom.


PainQler said...

Lonesome Tree.
A great image added with sullen scenery you have just taken.

This is excellent!
Trees a new trend?

The sea as calm & looked icy..
I could skate on it reaching to the yacht!

overXposed said...

nice...n so calming relax...ahhhh......
PQ: apa sullen ani ln?....steady eh hinglish mu ani eh....i likes...

PainQler said...

The Answer to your Question..

(1.) Obstinate; intractable.
(2.) Gloomily angry and silent; cross; sour; affected with ill humor; morose.
(3.) Sullen feelings or manners; sulks; moroseness; as, to have the sullens.
(4.) Mischievous; malignant; unpropitious.
(5.) One who is solitary, or lives alone; a hermit.
(6.) Gloomy; dismal; foreboding.
(7.) Lonely; solitary; desolate.
(8.) To make sullen or sluggish.
(9.) Heavy; dull; sluggish.

I did not creat this word, i look it up at the dictionary.. Suprise!!

Nda lh bro, English is not my mother's tongue.. so once in a while i get it right, when most of the time i stumble too.

s167 said...

great shot PQ said..dpt ice skating on the sea hehe..

Anonymous said...

nice one man, tenang meliat, love the sky colour, verto kh? im a bit distracted part d tree tecrop ckit hehe but dat's juz really minor, overall it's a great picture, fantastico.

Out Of Focus said...

PQ, english not your mother tongue kah? Sapatah? Father? Hehe!!

Dhani, yeah.. it distract me too, but funny thing.. I was cleaning my camera and I forgot to put the tripod head connector back on the camera jadi I can't do the top shot.. Hehe!! Ani pun I just lay the camera on top of the tripod without it actually locked on. Apadah...

Many thanks for the comments guys.

aZiz1410 a.k.a ahBee said...

nice compossition on this pic...loving the colour on this pic... :)

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