iso [i, saw] my nephews and nieces

Photo by overXposed Title - Teeth!!!
f/5.6 | focal length : 20mm | ISO 200 | shutter speed : 1/60s
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These kids are some of my nieces and nephews. And my first attempt to do the OOF's Wax Effect...ketinggalan aku ah...


PainQler said...

The wax effect..
This is a cool pics!

I didn't like much on the wax effect but what you did is just spectacular.

7 kids on the beach..
Nieces & nephews to bro oXp..
Happily showing their teeths..
But only one shy to show hers?


Ne mesti gigi rompang kali nda?

P/s: Pose Maut ne..

s167 said...

as a 1st attempt, nicely done bro..i still have yet to try out the wax effect hehe..

Dhani said...

cool, nais, alum ku mencuba ni, for 1st attempt, u did well

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