iso [i, saw] the sunset in brunei

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Foamy Beach - Vertorama
f7.1 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : did not fire
| Description |

3 days... I haven't seen a sky fit to shoot since I'm back in Brunei. I decided to risk it today.. I didn't want to leave empty handed.

| Photographer said.. |

I know.. I wanted to be with a bigger crowd.. but no one seem interested other than a handful few.

Even then the words 'aku mana saja.. sound saja di mana' were not what I wanted to hear. My aim was to get something out of all this, to have a little discussion on how to process your photos at the end of the shooting session, where one can advise the other and learn from one another, not just shoot your hearts desire and then head for home to see what you shot.. Because if that was the whole point, then you can just do that with one of your friends.

The only guy who to me was genuinely keen was VM. He gave me some ideas on where to go and even took the time to check the place out. I would do that myself but I was just too far away.. me being in Singapore and all. I didn't want to spend what little time I have in Brunei scouting areas when I can be at home with family.

Although we didn't get to shoot anything when we met 2 days ago (the weather was pretty bad), at least he learnt a thing or two on Photoshop. Nantilah geng, ada lagi ku saun tu...


Farish Razali said...

wah~ur here? inda sound2 ehh.. well ya too bad myself get pretty occupied and i havent get back my gears yet~sob sob.. :'( i miss taking photo :s

Cybercanon said...

hey bro did'nt know that you're back...hehe nasib tah tu mun cuaca baik...coz the weather is not so good here masa ani asal ptg saja ujan...hehe how long are you gonna be here btw?

Anonymous said...

I miss seeing this scenery since the weather has been dull lately. Be it in Singapore, Brunei, Auckland or any part of the world, your photos never fail to amaze OOF. Thanks for sharing, and this is splendid.

Out Of Focus said...

Aku balik monday.. Cant plan for an outing lagi bro.. Kalo ada pun at the very last minute.

Guys. Thanks for the comments. I've visited all ur sites. Nada chan comment saja rite now.. Nanti I write some k guys..

Farish Razali said...

heee negeri sendiri nda terjumpa, negeri org plng terjumpa haha~so ur leaving this monday eh? well ya see you around in SG.. hehe :D

Anonymous said...

nice!!! always interesting pix out from u.....

PainQler said...

I've seen you shoot sunset before, but this one looks different.

Maybe i'm getting use to your sunset scenery with bluish color..

Mind me, this is good..very excellently captured..

Emm. aik ada org akhirnya bro..
ada dua jelama 2 PQ tngok..
Siapa tu bro?

Hoping to get another lesson in photography..i'm guessing that we are bond to meet on the site only bro..

Your time & mind is a two different world.. Pity still the weather isn't that wonderful & not meeting the iso dude in person!

s167 said...

great shot what cybercanon said its been raining for the past few days time ptg..lucky to get this shot..

maybe our path would cross the next time ur back here or if i'm ever going to singapore ehe..would really love to learn more and get to know the person behind the camera ehhe..

have a safe flight on monday bro..

Out Of Focus said...

Thanks for the kind words guys.

PQ, yeah man. it does looked different doesn't it, without that blue tint. I am a little disappointed that I didn't manage to get the blue hour but at least you all get to see something different. Hehe!!

Nampak saja ko ah orang atu.. You either have a large screen or you zoom it up really big just so you can find some fault on my photos.. Heheh!!

S167, luck played part of it here.. The other part is me being memajal. Hehe!! As VM found out about me, I like to take my chances and go anyway. You gotto have faith brother..

PainQler said...

Yes, we do!! hehe..

I am a photo enthusiast, so i'm looking every details of an image taken..

No lh bro..No looking for anybody mistake, fault,error etc..etc..bla..bla on& on..

But i'm enjoying scenery as it is as anyone have captured it.

I didn't know ur back to Brunei.. So that time when u post for scouting i thought u were still in Singapore..

Only just then when oXp mention for outings.. i learn u were back perhaps for a day or two..

Emm, s u around then bro..

Out Of Focus said...

PQ, I was still in Singapore that time. That's why I needed to plan the outing. I knew I was going home soon, I just didn't know when.

I wanted to see how many would do the work. No pain no gain right. I felt it wouldn't be fair for me if I took the time to scout around, then find out when the best time go to fit everyone's schedual, then give tips on what camera settings I use and why I use it, and then find a place to sit and talk about processing and all the while the others just relax and take in all the good stuff.

I would do that only if I get paid.

PQ, don't get me wrong. I knew you would be interested and willing to chip in the work. I also know that you live in Lumut (right?), so it's difficult for you. The timings were not right for you too because you prefer weekends and I won't be free then.

The next time I plan to go back, I'll try to fit the weekend in. You'll be the first to know. You are one of the few guys I want to meet. We've got a lot of (photoshooting) things to talk about man..

PainQler said...

Yes, i live somewhere down here..
The route to my house is easy, everyone knows it.. Just a mention name, then they'll help you on your way here..

My schedule is tight, i only get the day off the whole sunday!..Rather than that, its work!work!work!.. Attending to somebody's needs & wants..Calculations is the main topics.. I'd sit the whole day & letting my brain do the works..Arrrggh..

That's why i need something to relax during the weekends...Btw bro i'm tagging along with the Engineers turn photographers this wkend to kramunting..[Billy invited me] so i'm going for some adventures...Finally...

PainQler said...

P/s: PQ&PP would be excited thou, meeting you someday,somewhere,somehow we'll meet..

Lots of questions perhaps?
As to why this & that?
How we come up with such ideas is just a silly brainstorming turns out well..

We learn along the way! during our outings & discussions with fellow photographers..The seniors do help with some excellent tips, thou we prefected it abit..[only just]

Some ppl like to take photos bcoz it's nowadays trend..[seasonal trend] Buying this & showing off that they afford it..

But we love photography coz we meant it & not just a silly hobby..
We thrive on it..

aZiz1410 a.k.a ahBee said...

This shot Wow...loving the Sky & the angle that u took...keep it up the good work... :)

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