iso [i, saw] the sunless sunset

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Dark Skies - Vertorama
f7.1 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : did not fire| Description |

My second attempt to capture the blue hour failed yet again. It seems that it was not meant to be. The sky gloomy and so was I, but I was determined to shoot anyway.

| About the photo.. |

I went low for this shot. Feet wet, tripod too. Luckily my camera stayed dry. Hope you like the blueless sky.


Farish Razali said...

awh~looks scarry jua.. good ones.. empire nee~ I went to the Pintu Malim Look-up point last night huhu shud be there bit early.. karang tah ke sana lagi hehe :D

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I like the water effects bro. Nicely captured. Nda rugi u went low and get wet feet and tripod hehe nice.

PainQler said...

It's a sunless day..
The sky was overcast and look like it's going to rain.
Tiny island seen afar looks miniature to the eye..

Waves came crashing along the piles of rocks..

Your on high thou, Taking pics a foot low. You jepordize urself & the gear just to get this images.

All turns out well..

VM said...

maaann...this is great.this is wat i called shooting to an extend. no matter wat wen or wer...walaupun taufan heading to u...just shoot :P

eh previous picture...i like the purplish sky.i think.or was it my eyes dude

Anonymous said...

liked this one bro....u can feel the strength of the waves pulling u offshore......mothernature........

s167 said...

it was worth it getting down and wet for this picture hehe..nasib nda kna tarik tripod along with the camera k laut leh ombak bro hehe :P

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