iso [i, saw] a miracle

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Cool Blue - Vertorama
f14.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : did not fire
| Description |

I got a brief glimpse of the blue hour.. I panicked.. I didn't know what to shoot. So I quickly ran towards the first thing I saw..

| About the photo.. |

It was hard stitching this together.. The post was killing me softly. I almost gave up if it weren't for the beautiful sky.

| One more thing.. |

I heading back to Singapore.. Bye bye Brunei. Hope you feel better the next time I'm here. Don't be so gloomy k..


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sky indeed, so calming; I can just stare at it over and over again hehehe with an interesting subject, this photo turns out to be a marvelous one. All the hard work invested in processing this photo really paid off. Nice one bro. Have a safe journey going back to Singapore.

Cybercanon said...

good bye OOF hopefully the weather will be much better when you got back Brunei the next time :D

VM said... wonder you went down there hari atu... ani rupanya di targetnya....krg marah excavator.
Anyway this is well taken bro...

and one funny thing...todays monday. ur going home. Panas tia hari atu geng...u bring in d sadness to the weather while u were here.hahahaha

Out Of Focus said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

Kunyanyang, homework? Hehe.. dah terlambat dah brader.. No comment on my photo kah? Hehehe!!

Cybercanon & VM, yatah nyangku!! Udah ku balik atu terang benderang tia. I've been waiting for 3 months dah kan balik and now this happens. Yatah kamu. Ari panas, sembayang hajat minta ujan. Sudah ujan sembayang hajat minta berantikan.. Sudah beranti and den panas, sembayang hajat lagi.. Eh... Make up ur mind man!!! Sabar lah sikit brader. Relax jelah one corner, syukur apa yg kana bagi.. Hehehe!!!

VM said...

hahahahaha....banar jua ah ckp mu atu geng.hujan smbhyang hajat minta brantikan..panas smbhyang hajat minta hujan...heheh. terimalah...its coming to an end.sembahyang utk akhirat lagi bisai..hehehe

PainQler said...

Very pretty picture!
And a nice blueish background..
That sail boat is not going anywhere indeed..

Are you telling me that, ur going back to singapore with this?
Is that the sail-boat that u sent iris away with?
Any life jacket onboard?

oo.. if that so, i would love to tag along for adventures..
Here the folks are plain quiet & have no use for adventures..Make them late for dinner!..heheh..

Anyway have a nice journey home..By the time u read this, might as well ur relaxing on your sofa stretching your legs.

s167 said...

great shot bro..your time and effort for this picture is worth it the colors of the sky..

Farish Razali said...


speechless saja ku sini liat gambar anie.. hehe :D see u around in Singapore again OOF :D

Out Of Focus said...

PQ, my idea of relaxing is on my desk doing some processing work.. Hehehe!! I'll try to organise something for when I'm back k bro, though I'm not really sure what to shoot in Brunei unless I look around.

s167 & Farish.. Many thanks.

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